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Chrysmela Catch High Tech Earring Lock

Price: $50.00
(as of Feb 08,2019 06:04:39 UTC – Details)

Chrysmela Catch High Tech Earring Lock

Never worry about losing an earring ever again. Chrysmela securely locks earrings to give you peace of mind. Auto adjusts to different earring posts, and protect earrings. The proven, patented technology has greater locking power and auto adjusts to different earring posts 0.6-1.1mm in diameter. Proven technology since 2008. Made in the “Switzerland of Japan” with precision, care and technology processes found in fine watches and smart-phones. Perfectly smooth, elegant finish inside and out – no snag, no harsh grip

The Most Secure Earring Back that protects earrings from falling off
Replaces conventional earring backs including La Pousette butterfly and friction backs.
Patented in 5 countries including US UK France Italy and Japan. Lock and unlock precision technology protects your earrings.

Hypoallergenic. Surgical stainless internal mechanism. Platinum and Gold coatings do not contain nickel. Perfectly smooth finish.

Easy to use. Available in 3 colors. Platinum 24K Yellow Gold and Rose Gold. Comfortable to wear. Proven and trusted technology since 2008.

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